Windows or Macbook: Which suits well for the designer in you?

mac-vs-windowsIf you are a designer, then choosing your operating system that supports your work has got many challenges. Other professions do have some specific requirements as well, but when you are a designer you are torn to choose between various platforms, software pertaining to images and even framework. The major challenge is to choose an OS which will support the software installations for your work. Now if you have been a Windows user for quite some time, you maybe already know why you want to switch over to MAC. If you are an MAC user, you have enough reasons to stay along with MAC or shift over to Windows. Both have their own pros and cons.

Let us take a detailed look at the specifications of the two to make an informed choice:


If you are an avid windows user, you probably would have heard MAC users especially designers rave about the aesthetics part of the OS. So what does MAC have to offer which makes it so unique? MAC OS X with its trackpad makes navigation and working so simple and genuinely user-friendly. They are easy to use and make you fall in love with your work often.

Cost effective OS

So windows users often complain about how expensive MAC OS could get. Now there is a misconception in general that windows have the Microsoft office installed for free. We often think, ponder over it and end up thinking, now that I have installed windows; I could start working on outlook and word documents right away. Here you are in for a surprise that you have to install a package separately for you to get going.
You will need to think about installing anti-virus protection software as well. You have to spend on frequent upgrades as well to keep your laptop safe.

Technical Features of MAC for Designers

MAC offers some technical features for designers which make them prone to go for this OS instead of the renowned windows.

  • Some built-in apps and tools like the console, time machine, zoom, and terminal make them apt for designers.
  • Text editors which are lightweight are available to users
  • The OS is secure against spyware and malware
  • A consistent user interface makes your work simple and makes you feel like you are working on a single app although you are working on multiple utilities.
  • Quartz windowing system enables to give you bird’s eye view, resizing your windows on the screen and creating a perfect view of your workspace. This also helps to enable multiple desktops and easy navigation from one to the other.
  • Another feature core animation takes the experience to a whole new level where you could boast of some animated creativity.


What makes MAC completely different from windows is it is UNIX based. An array of developers and designers are aware of the issues one faces regularly at work when your OS is Linux based. On the contrary, a variety of designing tools like PHP and Apache could be handled easily on a UNIX platform.

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