The Dummy Guide to Laptop Buying

Laptops are as essential a part of our daily lives as smartphones. Laptops, today, have undergone a lot of transformation when you compare them with the age of early personal computers.  Whether you are a student, housewife or a budding photographer, laptops are a must for everyone.
Before you head out to buy a laptop, it’s best you know the answers to these basic questions:

  1. Why do you need Laptop:  Laptop is used by architects, interior decorators, bloggers, developers, all kinds of professionals as well as non-professionals. The type of laptop you need will depend on your requirements.
  2. What are you looking for in a laptop: Do you need a basic laptop, a high capacity processor or one which comes with specific inbuilt programs? For example, if you are looking for certain specifications like AutoCAD features or Photoshop for editing purposes then there are specific specifications you need to look for.
  3. Budget: Are you buying a laptop for your personal use or office work? High-end laptops, which are mainly used by professionals and which have more advanced features are expensive. Whereas
    if you want a laptop only for surfing or doing basic computing, then the basic model, which is easy on the pocket should suffice.

this-laptopTypes of Laptop

Choosing the right laptop can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are different types and models of laptop available on the shelf.

  • Gaming laptop: You will be surprised to know that, there are specific laptop models that cater to people who are into hardcore gaming. Call it their passion or obsession; these people require a laptop with bright and colorful display and high resolution, typically with a core i7 processor. Today you can find a top gaming laptop below 1000.
  • Tablet laptop: This type of laptop is detachable from its keyboard. Its offers flexibility to work and gives the feel of working on a tablet. Moreover, once detached, it becomes a touchscreen device.
  • Netbook: This laptop is comparatively smaller in size than the usual laptop. Its functions are limited to web browsing or emailing. Most netbooks come with only one memory slot.
  • Multimedia Laptop: Touted as very expensive, these laptops give you the pleasure of watching and recording live television shows, provide ports for gaming consoles, play MP3, digital camera, etc.

What to look for in a laptoplaptop buying

  • Specifications: For basic computing and browsing, even an i3 processor will do. If you are looking for gaming or need a laptop for professional work, then core i7 works out best.  As for RAM, most basic laptops come with 2 GB RAM, which enables web surfing or document texting. But for better and long lasting performance, a 4 GB RAM is beneficial.
  • Price Range: Laptops come in the range of $250 and can go as much as $3000 depending on your requirement.
  • Platform: Based on your personal preference, you can choose either Windows, chrome OS or Mac OS X. MAC is, of course only for Apple users. If you are not familiar with Mac processes, then it is best to go with laptops that support Windows OS.
  • Size: A netbook can be as small as 11 to 12 inches whereas regular laptops range anywhere from 14 inches to 18 inches.  Pick the size and weight you are most comfortable with.

Why do corporates prefer business laptops?

business laptopsPeople working in the corporate industry are particular about each and every detail that drive their business. A standard, efficient laptop is an unavoidable part of any good business. Top notch business people find it integral to invest in good equipment that becomes inevitable parts of their daily life for managing and safe-keeping their priceless data.

Why do corporate find business laptops so lucrative? Simply stated, business laptops in professional grounds can be like preferences of unique solutions for an established CEO over a readily available common option.

Here are few valid and specific reasons on why corporate opt for business laptops:

Business laptops have a rugged design and are manufactured using premium quality materials. They are processed with scratch-free, smudge-free and wear-resistant metallic finish and aluminum body. There are even spill-resistant models and those with high-end protection of metal hinges for the hard drive to handle falls.

Business laptops are generally exposed to rough conditions and have to be more resistant to tough handling, dust, spills etc. Hence, they are given special consideration while manufacture and are tested thoroughly to rule out flaws. Sturdy and durable design of aluminum-magnesium frames have the capacity to withstand heat, pressure, humidity, shock or other extreme conditions to a great extent.

Long battery life
Busy corporate require a lot of travel that leaves them without much time to halt and recharge a weak battery. Hence, these laptops come with bigger or multiple batteries to cover-up demands of an extremely busy executive on-the-go.

Better connectivity and expansion
Better business demands better connectivity to whatever means that actually exists. While consumer laptops cut-off the number of ports, business laptops preserve most of these. Options are always open for expansion with plugging and unplugging features for these laptops from external sources.

Warranty and support
Business laptops are priced for specific features it holds. Hence, it is important to protect it with warranties. The concern of businesses is over the data rather than the system itself, though business laptops offer triple the lifespan than regular laptops. Business laptops come with better warranties and are offered dedicated support and servicing. There are laptops that offer protection to not just parts, but even data.

Matte screen
When your job involves more screen time, it is ideal to have a system that makes you feel comfortable. Business laptops consider this and give anti-glare screens or customizing options that go easier on eyes allowing good viewing angles and outdoor views.

Less bloatware
Business officials don’t have time and patience to carry all dead-weight a laptop holds. Laptops made for business purposes have less bloatware and significantly reduce wastage of time on removing extra software designed for consumer models. They hold business-friendly features like fingerprint scanners, professional OS, software for remote access or the like.

Customized options
Business will have unique requirements and hence these laptops need some fine-tuning in its specifications to make them more business-friendly. While consumer laptops offer very limited customization, business laptops can incorporate a variety of features that each business specifically needs, at an additional cost.