Are laptops better than tablets?

TabletLaptops and mobile technology are on the pinnacle of convergence in today’s society due to the smaller and more compact devices available in the market. Laptops are slowly replacing desktops for portability options to advanced features and better hardware than in the past. On the other side, tablets are taking strides toward making many tasks even easier than with a laptop. An in-depth look into laptops versus tablets is more complex than just looking at the features.

Laptops Have Come A Long Way

Gone are the days of bulky and heavy laptops. We all know that they are becoming lighter and lighter as technology gets better. The laptops are handling much more RAM and internal storage than ever making internet activity faster. Laptops have very good screens in many different sizes for your needs. Laptops are now becoming even more efficient and the market is seeing new laptops with touch screens. This is great for people who like tablets but need the power of a laptop.

The Advent Of Tablet

Since the tablet has come onto the market laptops might have faced tough competition, but that was soon short lived. Tablets are a very good device for gaming, sharing, music, art, and daily tasks associated with social lives. Doing simple mundane tasks we did with a mouse is so much easier with a touch screen and applications to help us eliminate wastage of time.


Tablets are much cheaper in comparison to laptops. Laptops have more power and more functionality, for some uses, vital for accessing certain websites and specific programs. A graphic designer may want to opt for a tablet for people to view presentations over a laptop due to ease of use. The laptop is still king when it comes to tasks of typing, publishing, printing etc. In terms of cost, the best one to pick depends on what the application will be. Since laptops are necessary for most our work it would be best to secure one then use a tablet as a companion to the laptop.

If using the tablet only for gaming and social networking then by all means stick with the tablet. Most youngsters tend to like them for the ease of use and the awesome graphics at the touch of a button.

Future Of Laptops & Tablets

Laptops and tablets are going to have a very explosive evolution in the future. Tablets need to be more like a laptop and a laptop needs to be more like a tablet. With new technologies emerging every other day we are more likely to see the integration of the two emerge quickly on the market. Eventually, our mobile technologies and laptops will have to make a full conversion. Just like the iPod merging into an iPhone. This forward thinking will help make readers aware that learning how to use both and knowing best functions for each tool is vital for the evolution of technology. Regardless of the reasons chosen, both the laptop and the tablet are useful and much needed in today’s world.

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