4 must-have laptop accessories

Using the right accessories can make the use of laptops easier and enjoyable. Some other accessories keep your laptop safe and secure.There is a wide range of accessories available in the market. Below are a few that are must-haves:

1.    USB Flash drive1280px-USB_Icon.svg

Portability of data is one of the critical requirements of today’s world. USB flash drives are small portable devices that can be plugged into USB port in laptops. They enable fast and easy transfer of data from one laptop to the other. There are other means to transfer such as CDs or floppy disks, but USB device is very handy and easy to carry in your bag. USB drive is more durable and reliable. Bluetooth works well for transferring small size files, but USB flash drives are the best to transfer huge files. They come in varying storage capacities ranging from gigabytes to terabytes.

2.    External Hard Drive

Using an external hard drive not only provides the benefit of additional storage space to the limited memory of laptops at a low cost but also has the portability factor.  Portable Hard Drive can store data of 500 GB or more, which a regular USB flash drive cannot. They can be used for archiving data, and be carried around while traveling. They also serve as a backup, and secure information when your laptop crashes due to an accident or a virus attack. Many hard drives are enabled with security features such as password protection and data encryption, and thus, provide additional confidentiality to your data. One of the most popular uses of hard drives is to store music and movie collections to share with friends. Advanced hard drives now offer an automatic backup feature that synchronizes your data to the cloud. This enables you to keep an online copy of your records.

3.    Mouse

mouse-23335_960_720A mouse will be a great add-on, and can make your life much easier. Many users find it comfortable to use a handheld mouse instead of the touchpad for navigation. It is exhausting to use touchpad if you’re working for long hours on your laptop. The touchpad can strain your wrist. Using mouse relaxes your wrist and increases your reach to the laptop. The mouse also makes it easy to make precise movements on the screen while drawing, or using applications such as Adobe Photoshop. It is small, handy and easy to carry in bags. You can choose to use wired or wireless mouse based on your needs.

4.    Cooling pads

Cooling pads are devices that can be placed underneath your laptop to eliminate the excessive heat. Laptops generate a large amount of heat that the inbuilt cooling system cannot handle when running some heavy applications and when used for long hours. Overheating can burn some internal components of your laptop. There are both low cost and expensive cooling pads available. Fans in the cooling pad reduce the operating temperature and protect the laptop.While the low-cost pads perform a decent job, the expensive ones perform heavy duty and remove heat quickly.

All the above accessories can prove to be helpful, and enable to use your laptop with ease.

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